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         Technical Services

        Service is the foundation, technology is the guarantee. FENFA R&P Products Co., Ltd. established a good technical service system, providing customers with the most powerful technical support.

        To better serves for you, when you choose our products, please work with us with the following:


    1、Send Materials(Glass. Aluminum or composite board)and adjuvant materials(two-sided tape and foam stick)、engineering sheets and Compatibility of the application form used in project to our customer service department or QC, We will carry out adhesion compatibility test According to the standard. Our quality control specialists and technical experts will do the review and analysis for drawings and design parameters ,and confirm whether the design is compliance with the requirements.


    2、 Confirm adhesion, compatibility and other Performance, we will issue a formal test report, notify the user.


    3、 In order to enable users to better use our products,and solve the problems encountered by users, Our technical and sales staff will recommend the user the best solution for the actual situation,we will provided the  Silicone Sealant with Test copy of the report and technical manual .


    4、 According to the user's request for product quality guarantee


    5、Keep abreast of silicone seal (structure) the use of plastic, timely answer to user queries or to send technical personnel do the on-site technical explanation


    6、If users encounter problems during use, please click here to contact us, we will promptly answer and deal with.




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